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'Kalyan Gayan Samaj', which was set up in 1926, is one of the oldest cultural institutions in the country. It was established as a monument to the memory of the legend Bhaskarbuwa Bakhle, one of the titanic figures of Hindustani music in the early 20th century. It was the late Kakasaheb Barve ( 19.. to ....)

who took the initiative in this regard and managed to raise the necessary resources for the purpose. Kakasaheb Barve and his team of dedicated workers toiled hard to make their dream turn into reality & establish and nurture an institution. which is the pride not only of Kalyan but of the entire city of Mumbai. The reputation of 'Kalyan Gayan Samaj' has spread all over India as a premier institution preserving and propagating the rich Indian culture.

In the case of an individual attaining the age of 80, a ceremony of 'Sahastrachandradarshan' is held according to the Indian tradition. We intend to hold a similar ceremony for the Kalyan Gayan Samaj.

On 10th July 1926, Barve and his associates started the activities of the 'Kalyan Gayan Samaj' in the precincts of the Laxminarayan mandir. Thus began the phase of classical music being entirely supported and patronized by people. Earlier, music and musicians totally dependent on the whims of the erstwhile princes and the aristocratic classes. Barve and his team laid the foundations of the institution .In 1931, the Samaj celebrated its 5th anniversary. The general body approved the constitution and rules and regulations. G.K.Phadke,a popular public figure of Kalyan in those days was elected as the first President. It was at Phadke's insistence that the plans for having its one's own building were finalized. It was important to have one's own auditorium for holding the music concerts.The building was completed in 1937/38. Which is known as 'Nene Ranade Sabhagruha' to day was inaugurated by Bhaisaheb Chitre. Thanks to the generous donations by Parvatibai Nene, Shrimant Borgaonkar and Krishnabai Gokhale, the building work could be completed in record time. The concert hall was named after the late Madhavrao Ranade,the first founder.

The Samaj decided to felicitate Kakasaheb Barve and the function was held on 10th May 1945. A purse was presented to him which he not only did not accept but added his own Rs.101 to the amount and returned it to the Samaj with a request to build 'Vasant Hall' to commemorate Vasantao Borgaonkar. It was inaugurated at the time of the Silver Jubilee Celebrations. Thus the Samaj now had its own building,the auditorium and the hall.

On 10th July 1951, the silver jubilee celebrations began with a vocal recital by Ms Manik Verma. From 22nd December to 25th December 1951, silver jubilee celebratory concerts featured top artistes like Master Krsihnarao Phulambrikar, Azmat Hussain Khan, Ms Vinodini Dikshit, Master Barve, violin wizard Shridhar Parsekar. 'Sangeet Manapman', the musical play was also staged. There was a period of challenges and adverse circumstances. Yet the Samaj could overcome all the obstacles. Golden Jubilee was celebrated in 1976.The Samaj has consistently presented quality musical programs through out all these eighty years. Barring a few exceptions, every legend name in the annals of Hindustani music including Khansaheb Abdul Karim Khan and Bade Ghulam Ali Khan have performed under the auspices of Kalyan Gayan Samaj.

For the very first concert held on 10th July 1926, the musical instruments were lent by Govindrao Godbole.Since 1986, the Samaj began to have its own instruments and audio equipment.
Some of the highlights of the last 80 years are given below
In 1956, it was resolved to hold music conference with a view to propagate music.
in 1958, AIR Bombay broadcast the live concert held in Nene Ranade Hall.
Dinkar Sangeet Vidyalaya, established and run by Kalyan Gayan Samaj has  been imparting systematic training in music for the last 60 years.
With kind donation of books from Pro. Mukund Parasnis It has built up a library   and collected old numbers of 'Sangeet Kalavihar'
All the live concerts from held from1986 onwards, the Samaj were recorded and   carefully preserved.
Lecture Demonstration on music have been given by well-known authorities like Pt.V.R.Athavale,Pt.Suresh Talwalkar,Pt.K.G.GInde, Smt. Sarla Bhide and   Smt.Kamal Tambe & Dr.Ashok Ranade.
Festivals dedicated to the memory of Balkrishnabuwa Ichalkaranjikar, D.V.Paluskar and Kesarbai Kerkar were organized  in the period between the 50th and 60th year celebrations.
75th Anniversary celebrations were held with fanfare there was a tremendous response from the audience. Maestros and young masters regaled the audiences with their performances. During the 80th year the Samaj proposes to hold concerts and programs on a large scale.
'Kalyan Gayan Samaj' had successfully organized festivals of music on the occasion of its Silver Jubilee,Golden Jubilee as well as Diamond Jubilee and 75th Anniversary. They were dedicated to the memory of great musicians like Balkrishnabuwa Ichalkaranjikar, D.V.Paluskar and Surashree Kesarbai Kerkar.
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